Petes Beard Balm Nectarine Rum

Petes Beard Balm Nectarine Rum

The product we have been dying to get out to you..... our Vegan beard balm!
No beeswax up in this beard!

Our Beard Balm is designed to lock in moisture and sculpt your bearded mane whilst giving shape and texture.


Best way of application-

After Washing your Beard with our range of shampoos and washes you can either apply our Beard Oil beforehand for shine, nourishment and to cure the beard itch.

Then go in with the back of your nail circling the wax followed by rubbing inbetween your fingers to warm up the wax, go in and style as desired.

(Petes beard oil tip this product comes in 30ml pocket sizes perfect for an on the go Tash curl!)


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