Petes Beard Scrub Bar

Petes Beard Scrub Bar

Pete's beard oil is a homage to to my late grandfather a dapper gentleman who is represented in each bottle I want all men to feel like the dapper gentleman they were supposed to be.

Petes Beard Scrub Bar, is a hydrating cleansing bar with key ingredients of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus to make sure your beard has that fresh clean feeling, the worry our this product drying out you beard needs to be earsed with a base of Carrot, Aloe vera and argan oil not only will your beard be left fresh as a daisy it will be silky to touch.


WARNING: Product may leave you being harassed by beard envy humans needing to stroke it at all times.


You can use this in the shower or at the sink, lather up and give it a good scrub!

Suitable for all beard lenghths;

Finish by using our beards beard oil in any scent of choice for a shiny hydrated beard.


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